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Asset management

Our engineers focus on maximising the value of your asset across its entire lifecycle. From initial strategic planning to provision of expert advice to maintain your infrastructure, our team will equip you to extend and maximise the life of your asset.

Feasibility assessment

Through our advanced assessment matrix we provide our clients with structured feedback on major projects. Our expert team will provide your civil construction company with vital analysis on the economic, technical, operational and the schedule feasibility of your project.

Construction management

Our experienced civil construction team partner with you to provide you with analysis and innovative approaches to successfully manage your building project. We pride ourselves our countless successes in major construction project delivery.

Asset Lifecycle Management

We specialise in assessing the entire lifecycle of your Asset to allow your organisation to deliver successful projects. Our engineers will streamline the planning phase whilst identifying vital maintenance requirements to extend the life of your asset. 

Risk and Opportunities

Our team of experienced experts understand how to identify the key risks faced when carrying out major infrastructure projects. We then combine our industry knowledge and experience to give our clients strategic advice that amplify opportunities.

Total Cost Management

Our extensive experience in construction allows us to assess your projects overall strategy against the TCM framework. This approach will allow us to ensure that all costs involved with your upcoming construction project are managed.

Project management

We provide a client focussed approach to construction project management which delivers high quality outcomes. Our experienced team work with your organisation to satisfy your project requirements whilst maintaining a high-quality service throughout the process.