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Our Vision

Gradian Projects have a vision to become preferred Australian EPC company and principal contractor for medium size infrastructure projects in regional Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania and Queensland by using local suppliers and subcontractors by using the knowledge of complex project management and leveraging six core values. .


What We Stand For

  • We Invent
    We’re always looking for a better way to get the job done. We challenge prevailing assumptions and suggest better approaches. We don’t get stopped by roadblocks rather we shift it and invent practical solutions. It’s all about solutions-orientated thinking.
  • We are Bold and Ambitious
    We want to inspire. We act with ambition and aspire to continuously learn, grow and strive for excellence. We set ambitious goals and throw everything into achieving them. We celebrate all our wins and recognise that we all contribute to the business so we can share in the value we create..
  • We Help
    We exist to help local community. A business without contribution to the society is not worth doing. We aspire to be part of growth and development of our region by
    1. Helping small contractors
    2. Employ locals where possible
    3. Provide support to community events
  • We Serve
    Serve others as you expect to be served. We believe in serving our customers to the very best of our abilities. Our clients are at the centre of everything we do and we are constantly putting ourselves in our customers shoes. In fact, we are our own customer so this is never too difficult!
  • We are One Team
    We recognise that it will take all of us, working together at 100% to achieve our vision. We know that the strongest teams foster diverse personalities, talents and skills and we believe in using our experience to help others achieve their best.
  • Environment and Sustainability
    Sustainable construction is at the heart of our strategy and our goal of Shaping a Better Life. We are committed to focus on high performance, sustainable projects which improve the quality of people’s living and working environments.

    We strive to minimise the impact of our projects on environment and local community. We will achieve this objective by abiding by ISO14001 EMS requirements.