Lake Tyrrell Tourism Infrastructure

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Project Info


Civil and Building works


Lake Tyrell,
Victoria Australia


Buloke Shire Council




September 30, 2020

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Project overview

A complete modernisation of the tourism infrastructure for the growing number of domestic and international visitors to this spectacular and historical landmark. Construction of undercover viewing platform with amenities. Multiple car parks. Board walk and Jetty over lake. Sky lounge night sky viewing position. Shelters and 1.5km of pedestrian pathways. Included significant engagement with the local Sea Lake community and trade resources.


The location at the foot of Victoria’s largest salt lake, based in the at times, harsh Mallee district, presented many challenges. Maintaining human function through many successive 45 degree days with extreme winds, was followed by lake filling, early autumn rain falls which inhibited swift progress of anything constructed over water. Add to that the shear isolation of the location and the list of challenges quickly added up.


The process of concept to design to reality was completed above expectation. Locals commenting “It’s is so much better than I thought it would be” and “I didn’t think it was going to be this good” make for a wonderful reward in a community that was partially divided on the concept, in light of other recent events. An aesthetic masterpiece and a wonderful practical attraction, that now provides a huge and consistent benefit to the local communities of the Buloke Shire.

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