Lakeview Canal Extension (Winter Works 2020)

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Civil and Earthworks


New South Wales,


Murrumbidgee Irrigation




August 19 2020

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Project overview

There was a need for an increase of up to 185 mega litres a day, through the Lake view branch canal system due to the need to deliver high flows at critical watering times, so this entailed the removal of a number of restrictive pipe/culvert crossings, and the construction and installation of six brand new culvert crossings, one new regulator structure and the de-commissioning of an existing regulator structure, with a mix of earthworks, pre-cast concrete installations, in-situ concrete works and road reinstatements. Local resources were an integral part of construction.


The project commenced in early June 2020, the greatest challenge posed to us at Gradian Projects were the tight time frames, as the project scope consisted of six large culvert crossing structures, a regulator structure and regulator de-commissioning during the course of a three stage shut down, this was a scheduling and a site management challenge that was accepted by all involved in the project and delivered with great satisfaction and within time.


With Gradian Projects managing all site works, including the completion of two culvert crossing installations and a regulator de commission with a fourteen-day time frame to allow roads to reopen, the project was completed on time. With local residents, landowners, businesses and the public now able to enjoy the much less restrictive channel crossings and water delivery capabilities, and some very positive feedback from the client and client representatives, we at Gradian Projects are happy with the mark we have left in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation community.

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